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New Non-Allergenic Hotel Rooms

Ever wake up in a hotel room with swollen eyes and a stuffed-up nose? Whether dust mites or down comforters are the culprits, hotels are now responding to the need for “allergy friendly” rooms. Doubletree, Marriott, Sheraton, and Wyndham are among the major hotel brands to accommodate guests that suffer from allergies and asthma.

“Allergy friendly” rooms undergo a multistep cleaning and purifying process that’s designed to improve the air quality and remove approximately 98% of allergens, according to the hotels. All surfaces including walls, carpeting, bedcovers, and fabrics are sanitized and treated with a microbial shield to make them resistant to bacteria and viruses. An advanced air purifying system is installed and air vents are deep cleaned and treated with a tea tree oil cartridge that serves as a disinfectant.

Although many hotel chains offer “allergy friendly” rooms in a selection of their hotels, Wyndham is the first national upscale lodging chain to ensure that at least 25 rooms in every hotel will be “allergy friendly” by the end of 2009. Currently nine Wyndham Hotels, including properties in Miami, Atlanta, New York, and the Virgin Islands offer these accommodations. For more information, see Wyndham’s ClearAir webpage.

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