Philly Wants High Line Like NYC

Residents in Philadelphia are raising money in hopes that the success of New York’s High Line fuels plans to build a similar structure in their city.

The project has piqued the interest of city officials who’ve seen the Big Apple’s west side promenade—plus giving Philly its own could save $14 million in bringing new life to a run-down neighborhood.

A three-block section of the Reading Viaduct—a mile-long stretch of train tracks that haven’t been used since 1984—is being considered to be transformed into an elevated park-like walkway. Demolishing the viaduct would cost millions more than revitalizing it, officials said.

Much like in New York, a grassroots group is responsible for kick-starting the project. Formed in 2003, the Reading Viaduct Project has documented the viaduct’s history and is trying to attract donors. The non-profit says that it currently has more than 200 supporters. [The Associated Press]

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Photo credit: courtesy saikofish / flickr