Have You Checked Out Our Forums Yet? There Could Be a Prize Waiting for You

PHOTO: Alif Ngoylungon/Unsplash

We’ve had a lot of readers recently ask, “Wait, you have a travel forum?” While it might not be the most advertised and talked about aspect of our online publication, the answer is a resounding yes!

Fodor’s forums are going strong—we’ve got explorers from all walks of life giving their expert advice on all things travel, the only thing missing is you. Looking for your starting point? Why not dive in with our monthly photo contest.

To join in on the forum-fun, simply upload your favorite travel photo here (while we all have favorite travel photographers, these photos do have to be your own). For those not quite used to the forum yet—it looks more than a little different from our main site—we have a helpful how-to for uploading a photo.

Don’t forget, after you upload your photo, go through and give your other favorites a like—this is a competition where the winner is chosen by you after all. And while we’re on the topic of winners, one photographer (amateur to professional, all are welcome!) with the most likes will get not only their choice of a Fodor’s Guidebook, but they’ll also get a Fodor’s swag bag full of exciting surprises!

Enticed? Have a travel photo in mind? Just make sure to check out the official rules before getting started! And, though it probably goes without saying, make sure to keep your travel photos safe for work (while we’re sure skinny dipping in Greece was thrilling and we’d love to hear about it, we should be upfront and say: that’s not this website).

Take to your phone, your cameras, whatever it is you snap a photo with, and pick your all-time favorite! And don’t worry, because this happens monthly, if you have a few photos you just can’t choose between, you’ll have your chance to share them all over time. So please, head to the forums because we want to hear what you, our favorite travelers, have to say.