Navigate the Indoors with Google Maps for Android


For those of us who are directionally challenged, mobile map applications and GPS units have been a godsend in recent years, especially when it comes to traveling to unknown or unfamiliar destinations. Well, now, even if your destination is indoors—for example, a museum or casino—Google Maps (for Android) allow you to navigate them as you would the outside world. Perhaps Apple will reconsider moving to their own maps system now?

In November, Google launched Indoor Mobile Maps for Android—a version of their popular mapping service for navigation in airports, museums, casinos, and even select department stores. Using the Indoor Maps application on your Android phone or tablet, you can see your location, search for locations (i.e. restrooms), and get walking directions to exhibits, departure gates, and more. By using the optional Latitude feature, you can share your location with friends, and see theirs, helping to eliminate confusion about exactly which Greek sculpture you’re going to meet at before lunch.

Currently available for indoor locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan, Indoor Maps allows users to upload floor plans to the app, and currently has over 10,000 plans available. Recent additions in the US include popular spots in Las Vegas like McCarran International Airport, MGM resorts and casinos, Caesars Palace, and the Las Vegas Convention Center. In time for summer vacation, twenty museum maps have been added as well, including the American Museum of Natural History, the National Portrait Gallery, and the network of Smithsonian museums. A full list is available here.

Photo credits: Google Indoor Map courtesy of Google Mobile; MGM Grand Las Vegas via Shutterstock