Tip of the Week: Mush like an Alaskan pro, even in summer!


Most people associate dog-sledding with cold weather, snow, and a particularly infamous Alaskan trail. There are options, however, for those who prefer warmer mushing weather. For example, from mid-May through mid-September, Ididaride Dog Sled Tours in Seward (run by the Seavey family, whose son Dallas just won the 2012 Iditarod in March) offers dog-sled tours on wheeled sleds. Each tour is 1.5 hours and travels two miles to the base of Resurrection Mountain and back. Tours include a look at the Seavey’s training regimen as well as a chance to meet some of the fuzzy Iditarod contestants. Book early as many tours sell out.

For those who seek a less bumpy encounter with Alaska’s famous huskies, Denali National Park offers daily dog-sledding exhibitions for summertime visitors. The park keeps its own staff of huskies, which patrol and help maintain the park in the winter, and though they’re technically "on break" during the summer, many are more than happy to greet you on a tour through their kennels.

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Photo Credit: Denali Park Sled Dogs – North To Alaska set003 20060828006 by Tom
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