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Met Museum Opens New Greek and Roman Galleries

On April 20, the Metropolitan Museum of Art unveiled its new Greek and Roman Galleries, a “museum-within-the-museum” to display its extraordinary collection of Hellenistic, Etruscan, and Roman art. Located within the Lamont Wing, at the south end of the museum’s main building, the Greek and Roman Galleries provide a showcase for thousands of works that have been in storage for decades. Highlights of the 30,000-square foot wing include the Leon Levy and Shelby White Court — a monumental, many-columned space with a soaring two-story atrium designed to display Hellenistic and Roman art; Roman sculptures created between the first century BC and the third century AD; a reconstruction of the Cubiculum from the villa at Boscoreale, near Pompeii; and the Black Room, which features colorful frescoes created by artists who worked for Agrippa, a friend of Emperor Augustus.

Michelle Delio

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