How to Cop a Parisian Attitude

Anyone who has spent time among the French will tell you that Gallic attitude isn’t learned overnight. Well, maybe. A new web site — — offers crash courses in French attitudinizing. The web site, created as a marketing tool by a cheeky French tourist agency, is a clever attempt to make light of the quirks and tics that have come to characterize our friends across the Atlantic. Among other things, the site will teach you how to:

*Pout: “Start by looking bored, then pucker your lips and shake your head slowly for impact”;
*Shrug: “Stick out your lower lips, and then raise your eyebrows and shoulders simultaneously”;
*Indicate that Someone Should Shut Up: “Hold your hand in the shape of an L; then bring your fingers and thumb together.”

See Fodor’s Paris for more info about the City of Light