Malaysia Airlines Announces Launch of A380s with Child-Free Business and First Class


In a statement issued earlier this month, Malaysia Airlines announced that it would be launching its line of A380 planes on July 1, 2012. While that was news in itself, what really garnered attention from the media and up-to-date flyers was the airline’s announcement of a new, and unique, seating configuration.

According to the airline, the 350 seats in the Economy section on the main deck of the plane would be booked for families with children, what the airline calls a "family and children friendly inflight zone." Business and First Class sections on the upper level would not book parties with children. Should there be an "overwhelming demand" for economy seats that exceeded the main deck’s capacity, an additional 70 Economy seats would be made available to families with children on the upper deck.

"From the perspective of customers traveling with their families the economy class family-friendly convenience would be a warm welcome," says Dato’ Mohd Salleh Ahmad Tabrani, Executive Vice President (Customer Experience). "The main deck has more facilities such as toilets (8 for an economy configuration of 350 seats) and the dual aerobridge airport facility supporting this deck will also mean a speedier/faster embarkation and disembarkation for this group of passengers."

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Photo Credit: Courtesy Malaysia Airlines