London’s St. Paul’s Closed for First Time Since WWII

St. Paul’s Cathedral is closed for the fourth straight day due to safety concerns, as roughly 300 Occupy London protesters are camped in front of its doors.

The last time that the cathedral—one of London’s most popular tourists sites—was forced to close was during the Blitz. There’s been no word as to when it will reopen.

"We’re just taking it day by day," said a spokeswoman for the church.

City officials are prepared to take legal action to remove protesters after the church requested they leave to no avail, as the group unanimously voted to stay. The closure has meant a loss of revenue for the city, as area restaurants, shops, and other nearby attractions have seen a steep decline in patrons, according to the city.

A letter on the church’s web site, which was posted last Friday, apologizes to visitors hoping to see the cathedral and explains that closing was a difficult decision. [The Telegraph]

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Photo credit: courtesy Raka18 / flickr