Leave your favorite jewelry at home

While you might wish to wear your nicest jewelry on special nights out during your vacation, be sure not to bring along any particularly special or expensive items that you would be devastated to lose. If you do, be sure to carefully pack them in your carry-on. Fodor’s member soogies recommends accessorizing with less—a simple scarf, for instance:

“Get by with just the jewelry you are wearing when you leave home. I’ve stuck to this rule except for once when I packed some extra jewelry on a whim. TSA had inspected my luggage (they left a note) and left open my jewelry bag. In the mess, an earring was lost. Turned out that I was so used to using only the jewelry I came with that I never wore the extra stuff anyway. I bring a large scarf to accessorize and can also use it as a wrap if I get a bit chilly.” (more)

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