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Las Vegas’s Luxe New Shooting Range

If there were a place to fire a modern machine gun or World War II rifle while relaxing in an ultra-swanky lounge, chances are you’d find it in Las Vegas.

That’s the concept behind a new, first-of-its kind venue due to open next month called Machine Guns Vegas. The high-end shooting range and lounge won’t serve alcohol, but will offer clientele 16 shooting lanes and a VIP area with large plasma TVs, plush furniture, and complimentary drinks.

When guests arrive, they’ll be matched up with shooting hosts to figure out their weapon of choice from a collection of the world’s most famous firearms, then get to see them in action in films like Rambo and Snatch.

And for those who are picky about their carrying cases, designer holsters will be sold in the boutique, as will customized limited-edition guns that can be engraved.

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Photo credit: courtesy MGV

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