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7 Standout Trip Reports From the New Forums

Many members have posted trip reports in our forums over the years. Their tales entertain and inform fellow travelers, in some cases merely providing inspiration, but in most others actually offering concrete trip-planning advice. To highlight these contributions, we added a trip report tagging feature to our new forums. When members post their report they can click a box on the “start a topic” page to signal that this is a trip report. All topics with the trip report designation appear in a special section in each forum, and also in the member’s profile. These topics receive a special notebook symbol so it’s easy to spot them.

Thanks to everyone who has come back from a trip and shared their experience with the community– especially if the trip was made possible by advice received from folks in the forums. Coming back and posting a report is a nice way of “paying it forward”, as your new-found expertise may help another traveler in turn.


Katoomba in the Blue Mountains: A Christmas Treasure

By furrytiles; posted in the Australia & the Pacific Forum

“Sunrise and sunsets were superb, the mountain air so energizing, the birdlife prolific and for lucky us – no bushfires, flies or wild storms. Saw huge flocks of sulphur-crested cockatoos flying over the valley several times a day, and at sunset with a celebratory glass in hand, it’s so beautiful it gives goosebumps!

Katoomba is a charming, unique small township buzzing with activity, side-walk cafes and very friendly locals; currently known for it’s rather bohemian alternative-lifestylers, artists and tree-changers, there is little structural change from its earlier heyday as a cool retreat for wealthy Sydneysiders in the 1920-40s, and we loved it as well as the many small villages such as Leura, Wentworth Falls, Blackheath etc.” (Read the full report)

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San Francisco with Kids was Huge Success!!

By writealiving; posted in the United States Forum

“I did steal some time alone to get some delicious coffee in Ocean Beach. We walked around Castro and saw Milk Plaza. We again were delighted at how friendly everyone was. We took the Muni around just to see things not sure really which part we were in but just enjoying the shops and the friendly people. San Francisco is beautiful and it seems that no matter where you are there is a great view. If I had one thing to disagree with the locals on, ok, besides the Wharf thing, I’d say that there are great views everywhere. Maybe when you live there you can fine tune it, but as a visitor, everywhere we went, we saw something beautiful or a view of the water that just took our breath away.” (Read the full report)

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Long Austin Trip Report – Music and BBQ YEEEEHAWWWW!

By ladybug98; posted in the United States Forum

“Drove down to Natural Bridge Caverns and went spelunking. Saw some beautiful cave formations and got some good pictures. Next to the cavern was an African Safari—Texas style. We fed Emu from our hands and my girlfriend screamed “oh no you’re not” as one of them approached the car trying to stick his long neck into the car. It was hysterical…ya had to be there… So then we made our way back up to Austin and stopped at Barton Springs to have a quick look. The air was too cold for a dip, for us, but there were people swimming, the water is crystal clear.” (Read the full report)

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Chillin’ in Iceland: An Overly Verbose Reykjavik Report

By AHaugeto; posted in the Europe Forum

“I’ll admit to not quite feeling the momentousness of the site until H and I came to an overlook area where we were separated from the group a bit. It was here during a blast of sunshine that we looked out and saw, with the exception of the small state park buildings and a few scraggly pines below, the vast, flat expanse of the snow-covered lava fields, and the otherworldly presence of absence—here and throughout the countryside there are no towering trees, no billboards, no power lines, no street lights, nothing to disrupt the view of the rocky terrain until the next mountain several kilometers away. It wasn’t so much the lack of man-made or natural disruption, it was the dead quiet, too—there was no human or animal voice, no wind rustling through leaves, no vehicle noise, and absolutely no planes in the sky, an empty blue horizon and a complete, eerie quiet we both agreed we could only compare to 9/11. Others have described it as a moonscape, and they’re right. It’s fantastically strange.” (Read the full report)

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Quebec: A Winter Trip Report (Ice Hotel)

By Smileykrn; posted in the Canada Forum

“TAKE THE TOUR THE NEXT DAY and discover the place on your own. And the discoveries never ended until well into the following day. Because we arrived late, we couldn’t see the rooms until the next day. And the hotel is completely different during the day. Listen to their advice on sleeping (especially clothing) and USE THE SAUNA before going to bed. Other fodorites and such have commented on the bathrooms and sleeping (if you have questions, ask). In short, everything was clean, I slept for 5 1/2 hours straight and was not cold during the night.” (Read the full report)

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Back from Belize – Fantastic!

By Larz; posted in the Latin America Forum

“We decided to go the ‘turf and surf’ route, and are very glad we did. It really felt like 2 very separate and unique trips in one, given the differences in geography, climate, sights and activities. We spent 3 nights in San Ignacio and 4 nights on Ambergris Caye. In the Cayo district, we visited the Mayan ruins of Cahal Pech and Xunantunich, and spent time at the Green Iguana Exhibit (where my wife and I had about 8 of the little green creatures crawling about on our arms, shoulders and head!) and toured the Medicinal Jungle Trail at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.” (Read the full report)

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Trip Report: India

By Travelaw; posted in the Asia Forum

“Returned in January from a wander through North India and Kathmandu, Nepal. Before I plunge into my travel stories (which will take quite some time, as I’m overwhelmed at work right now) here are the logistics. We made all arrangements on our own, and with the immense help of this forum!!!, and did not use an agency. It was a lot of work, but we think saved us thousands of dollars. We probably could have done some things better, and when you book yourself you take on all the risk, but for me its worth the freedom that comes with it. For the most part we were very pleased. We are looking forward to our next trip to India, at which time we will likely go south.” (Read the full report)

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Photo credits: Evans Lookout, Grose Valley at Blackheath; photo by furrytiles

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