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JetBlue Adds Family Plan to Loyalty Program


Consolidating points from family travels into a single frequent flyer account would certainly make rewards easier, but no U.S. airline has offered that option—until now. JetBlue has just introduced their “Family Pooling” feature for their TrueBlue rewards program. Now, up to seven people—up to two adults and five children—can pool their miles into one single account, allowing members’ earnings to accumulate faster and making redemption possibilities easier than ever before.

The new program, launched this week, is the only one in North America to allow travelers to freely mix their points together. Here’s how the program works:

* Participating families can consist of up to two adults and five children. At a minimum, there must be two individuals in a Family Pooling account.

* When joining a Family Pool, each member chooses how many points to contribute. There is a one-time free transfer opportunity to consolidate miles into the pool, and each member also chooses how they want to split up future earnings between family and personal accounts.

* Awards can be redeemed for anyone, not just members of the family. This is different from some other pooling programs and offers welcomed extra flexibility.

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* Once points are in the family account, which the "Head of Household" has full control over, no other members can do anything with them.


There are also some restrictions with the program. A TrueBlue member can only be part of one Family Pool at a time and changes to your pool status are limited to once per year. Even with these limits, however, the pooling option opens up great opportunities for members.

And, once again, it represents JetBlue making changes to the loyalty market business model in the U.S. market. They have been reasonably successful without following the path of others so far. Hopefully, Family Pooling continues that success.

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