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You can fly free—but only if you’re hot.

That’s the blunt offer of new dating-and-travel site The free site promises to match "attractive" girls with "generous" frequent flyers who will fund journeys through the friends-with-benefits skies. (Yes, hot guys are technically allowed to hunt for their own Mrs. Robinson Airlines, but – surprise, surprise – the homepage features only leggy ladies straddling luggage.)

So why would wealthy wanderers plunk down hard-earned cash or piles of miles to buy flights for broke strangers they met on the internet? Why, for the pleasure of sharing an airsickness bag with a "sexy travel mate," of course!

This whole enterprise is basically Craigslist Casual Encounters-meets-The Mile High Club. As MissTravel itself declares breathlessly, "Who needs money? Beautiful people fly free!"

Important question: How do you know which category you fall in? If you only have enough miles to get from Des Moines to Omaha do you still get your pick of Brazilian models? Is this a free-market match system or is there a travel wizard hiding behind a curtain, managing all the wanderlust?

MissTravel’s founder, Brandon Wade, tells Fodor’s he’s already had 12,000 members sign up since a soft launch on April 9.

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"I was surprised by the great reception," he says, adding that 70 percent of members self-identify as "attractive." Which means, he assures us, "For every generous man that signs up, there’s a ratio of about 2.5 attractive females." (No word on the mean, mode, or medium hotness of those vampy vagabonds.)

Wade, who previously founded the sugar daddy site, says 99 percent of MissTravel "generous" members are men, while 80 percent of "attractive" members are women. He notes that the site welcomes both gay and straight travelers.

Wade encourages users to "have fun and keep an open mind, but remember to be safe. Make sure you meet that person in a home setting and get to know them before traveling abroad." (The site presents a full array of safety tips. One we might suggest: not signing up.)

Hotties on MissTravel have the option of taking a trip with their benefactors or hosting Daddy Flybucks in their own hometowns. Instead of getting flowers, the girls are gifted with airline miles. (And, let’s be honest – who wouldn’t pick Delta over dahlias?)

Still, there’s really no way we’d sign up for something so borderline-world’s-oldest-profession. Unless, you know, some wealthy, handsome, tragically lonesome man out there is planning a trip to Bali anytime soon? Send us a message in the comments below!

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