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Introducing Fodor’s Travel Phrases App


Good news, fellow Fodorites! The Fodor’s Travel Phrases you’ve come to know and love so well on are now available in the palm of your hand with the new Fodor’s Travel Phrases App for iPhone, iPad, and Nook. Our good friends at Living Language helped compile 400 useful phrases in 22 languages for your everyday travel needs.

Each language is $1.99, or, if you plan to globe-hop, buy a bundle of languages for a given region (bundles only available for iPhone/iPad). The app allows you to search by category (i.e. "At the Restaurant") or search by English phrase. Each result is then displayed, and if needed, spoken to you by a native speaker. No more robot voices. (I’m looking at you, Siri.)

For ease of use, each travel phrase book is available offline, so even if you don’t have service, you’re never at a loss for words. Favorite your most-used phrases to access them quickly, like when that tiny Russian grandmother refuses to part with an amber necklace at a reasonable price, or when you’ve got to give the slip to a bunch of Dutch brigands. Or, you know, when you’re asking for the check or directions to the restroom.

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The Travel Phrases App is available in the following languages: Spanish; French; Italian; German; Chinese; Japanese; Arabic; Portuguese; Russian; Korean; Greek; Hebrew; Turkish; Thai; Vietnamese; Czech; Croatian; Dutch; Swedish; Polish; Swahili; Hungarian. Boom.

Bundles are available fo Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia (prices vary). Or you can get the whole set for $14.99. Available in the App Store and the Nook Store.

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