I, Robot…Will Paint You While You Sleep (VIDEO)


I’ve never been one to squash technological progress. My motto has always been, love me, love my robot. But even I’m a little startled at Ibis Hotels’ latest artistic endeavor, The Sleep Art Project. Engadget Engadget reported that the line of hotels will install robots with a very particular set of skills within properties in Berlin, Paris, and London.

Starting mid-October and lasting through late November, forty lucky guests (who’ve successfully applied and been accepted into the project) will snooze on beds equipped with 80 sensors. The sensors will monitor guests’ movement, temperature, and sound and transmit that data wirelessly to a remote location, says Hotel Chatter. The robotic arms that receive the data will then use it to create abstract acrylic paintings. By the time you wake up, your thrashing and snores will have been translated into…something?

No word on what happens if you’ve got Restless Leg Syndrome or night terrors. I’d imagine something Pollock-esque.

Engadget reports that there will be no actual video recording or monitoring, so no worries about waking up to a pair of beady, red eyes or clicks and whistles.

Check out this promotional video about the Sleep Art Project by Ibis.

Photos courtesy of Ibis Sleep Art Project