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Hurricanes Ike and Hanna Affecting Travel to Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands were recently hit by a one-two punch of Cat 1 Hurricane Hanna, then Cat 4 Hurricane Ike. Most tourists go to the main island of Providenciales (often referred to as Provo), which has been spared major damage.

Here is a detailed rundown of current information (as of 9/10/08):

Provo: No one was prepared for Hanna. During Hanna, Walkin Marina (some refer to it as Leeward Marina) was destroyed, and the boats parked there have been lost— though the ferry from Provo to North Caicos is running. Other marinas have sustained damage, but no news yet of Turtle Cove Marina. Beaches had some trees down and decided to close to inspect until the 26th. With Ike, no further structural damage in tourist areas and restaurants; most are expected to be open for business by end of the week. All the resorts on Grace Bay Road (where 80% of the resorts are located) have power, phone and internet. There is landscape damage, which most are trying clean up. The Chaulk Sound/Silly Crrek area of Provo, which contains numerous vacation rentals, has no power, and current estimates give 3 weeks for restoration.

Grand Turk: Major damage; will take months to restore. The director of the cruise port was interviewed on the T&C news and claimed that the port would open for business in a month. Power to the entire island is supposed to be restored within 6 weeks. Osprey Resort seems to have suffered minimal damage. Front Street is in really bad shape.

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Salt Cay: Major damage but fared better than Grand Turk. There is no power or phone. Authorities expect to take about 6 weeks to restore these services. Tradewinds suffered some roof damage. Island Thyme Bistro seems to have faired well.

South Caicos: Major damage. South Caicos Ocean Resort faired well, and South Caicos Divers is still in business with nothing lost. The rest of the island has sustained major damage.

Parrot Cay: Sustained landscaping damage, no structual damage. Will resume business on the 21st.

The causeway that linked North and Middle Caicos has been destroyed. No info coming in as yet, because they still lack power. Word is they did not sustain hurricane force winds and fared well. Will update as soon as the information comes in.

No news yet from Ambergris Cay or West Caicos. North and Middle Caicos are still without any power, but should be back online in about 3 weeks.

–Ramona Settle, Caribbean guides contributor

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