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How to Travel to Europe on a Budget


Is it still possible to take an affordable trip to Europe? If you’re pining for a trip across the pond but not sure you can wing it financially, consider the following tips, recommendations, and trip reports from travelers in our Forums.

Italy on a Budget

Top Tips

Beating the Euro in Italy

Planning and Booking

Help Me Establish a Realistic Food Budget for My Trip to Italy

Venice on a recession dollar? Need help making my trip affordable

Best inexpensive way to travel within Italy?

Anyone know cost of cheap trains in Italy?

Fodor’s Recommends: Rome’s Best Cheap Eats

France on a Budget

Top Tips

Beating the Euro in Paris

100 Free Things to Do in Paris

Please help me avoid frizzy hair in PARIS: Suggestions on budget-friendly department stores

Planning and Booking

Paris on a Budget for 1 Week in Early September

Dining solo–comfortably and relatively inexpensively–in Paris

Trip Reports

Apres_Londee’s Super Low Budget Trip to Paris

Fodor’s Recommends: Paris’s Best Cheap Eats

Germany on a Budget

Top Tips

Best Budget Tips in Berlin and Munich (and the rest of Germany)

Does anyone have any tips or advice on saving money while in Germany?

Favorite German Foods and Casual Restaurants in Munich

Planning and Booking

Should we buy a 8-10 day German Rail Pass?

Should we use a travel agent or go on our own?

12 days in Munich/Bavaria area- Countryside, farm vacation

Trip Reports

Canadiancouple’s European Eating and Drinking Adventure – May 2009

Glander’s First-Time Self-Driving in Southern Germany

Fodor’s Recommends: Berlin’s Best Cheap Eats

England on a Budget

Top Tips

Beating the Pound in London

Beating the Pound in Britain

Is it impossible to find inexpensive London restaurants?

Planning and Booking

Is it economically feasible for us to spend two or three days in London in June?

Inexpensive “vintage” costume jewelry in London

Trip Reports

Stokebailey’s Brighton to Bakewell, and London In Between.

yk’s London/Oxford Trip Report – 6 days of art, music, historic houses

Fodor’s Recommends: London’s Best Cheap Eats

Spain on a Budget

Top Tips

Best Budget Tips for Barcelona and Madrid (and the rest of Spain)

Planning and Booking

Fresh out of college: Spain on $1500?

Help requested for travel planning in Spain

Trip Reports

beeb’s Very Budget-conscious Trip to Catalonia

Fodor’s Recommends: Barcelona’s Best Cheap Eats

Ireland on a Budget

Top Tips

Beating the Euro in Ireland

Planning and Booking

Need Help Beginning to Plan Budget Ireland Trip

Trip Reports

Waterlily252’s Trip Report: Castles, Sheep, & Beer! Our 2 weeks in Ireland!

Fodor’s Recommends: Dublin’s Best Cheap Eats

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