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How to Hike the Cinque Terre with a Fear of Heights

The answer according to our members on this forums topic: very carefully and choose your paths wisely. LuvToRoam is not a fan of high places but they enjoyed their trip to the Italian Riviera–partly because of their hikes in Cinque Terre: “it was an enchanting end to a wonderful vacation.” Alan64 mentions the ‘path of love’, Via dell’Amore, as being one option for skittish walkers, but he warns that the path is “pretty boring” compared to the rewarding views of the more challenging hikes. SuQue, who suffers from acrophobia, pushed past her fear in order to enjoy a well-earned meal: “The difficult part for me was Corneglia to Vernazza where it was a sheer drop and narrow, rock strewn path. It was worth it though and the reward was lunch at Gambero Rossa in Vernazza both days.”

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