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We Want These Celebrities to Immediately List Their Homes on Airbnb

As we know by now, celebrities aren’t like us…

BUT, what if we could be like them? This is more or less a question I ask myself (not sure if that’s healthy or not) after watching each Celebrity Home Tour on Architectural Digest’s YouTube channel—one of the most oddly calming and entertaining pieces of content that currently exists in the digital landscape. A bold statement? No, not really, and you’ll know what I mean when you tune into one.

Would any of the celebrities listed below actually put their residences on Airbnb? It’s unlikely. But the thought is certainly delightful, especially considering I have barely left my apartment in the last six months. According to my research via AD’s channel, the following celebs have the best homes that would make for great getaways.

Kendall Jenner

Location: Beverly Hills

Let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t want to stay at the house of a Kardashian for a weekend? I mean, say what you will about the trend-setting family, but their residences are consistently palatial/decadent and this recently-unveiled one on AD’s channel—the five-bedroom, six-bathroom residence of Kendall Jenner—is no different. Jenner said, when undergoing renovations, she kept in mind that she wanted the property to feel “peaceful” and “super calm,” which is exactly what you want from a vacation, no?


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There’s a lot of windows, earthy tones, a “Kris Jenner-quality” bar, a 300-pound sink, an art room primarily built for painting with custom jumpsuits to paint in, a double-sided fireplace in the bedroom, and a gold bathtub.

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Dakota Johnson

Location: Hollywood Hills

A table made of the wood from Winston Churchill’s yacht as patio furniture? Madam, how is this not a centerpiece in your midcentury home?!! But what do I know? I was simply lucky to even watch this video.


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Actress Dakota Johnson’s house and its contents could (should?) be categorized as eclectic and feels almost hidden away from the world, enveloped by trees that are so tall, her neighbors have problems with them. Additionally—not that this would inspire you to smash that “Book Now” button—Johnson has a “Barb from Stranger Things” Funko POP! Doll in her office, as well as a book of poetry by Patti Smith that features personalized notes from the author to the actress.

Kerry Washington

Location: NYC (on the Hudson River)

There’s one thing that gets me about Kerry Washington’s NYC Apartment on the Hudson River every time I watch her AD video (which I have done many times—enough to grow fond of her dog, Josephine Baker): THE LIGHTING. Also, the dining chairs have rollers, which is somehow ingenious to me in that it could be an icebreaker for those initially awkward proceedings that beget dinner parties.

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Also, Kerry has a Cloud Couch (as does Kendall!) and after introducing it, she points out that, should you decide to sit on it, “you should have a backup plan for anything else on your calendar that day because it is like sleeping or sitting on a cloud.” I would love nothing more than to own one of these. Unfortunately, they are thousands of dollars; but, BUT, this is a hypothetical Airbnb situation, remember?!

David Harbour

Location: NYC

“Does David Harbour actually live here?” I thought to myself after watching his AD tour. His NYC apartment is absolutely stunning and, during the tour, he points out knick-knacks and stunning details without going into, well, detail about them. For example, he likes the stove a lot “even though he’s not much of a cook, but he likes the color of it.” It’s an energy that’s oddly distant, which is a shame because it’s a very warm yet strikingly-designed space, distinct from a lot of the open, contemporary places on this list.


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I would be happy to move in, were he to decide to list it on Airbnb and then spontaneously decide to simply give it to me, as a gift, while I was there vacationing. There’s a bookcase ladder that wheels around the kitchen cabinets, tall ceilings (it’s a loft, after all), a living-room projector that retracts into the ceiling, and retractable blackout curtains in the bedroom.

Tan France

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

OK, so, this was a highly-anticipated one for me. Tan is one of the best parts of Queer Eye and even before clicking “Play” on this, I was reeling. “If his living space is curated anything like his perfect hair, this is gonna be a must-watch,” I thought. And boy, were my expectations met. Tan has a closet for candles. I feel like that in-and-of-itself is enticing enough to make me want to visit, even though there would likely be a note after booking it to not light any of them—which is fine! They’re all probably very expensive.

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But can you imagine simply opening that closet door? And being the fashion-centric icon of the show that he is, his extremely-organized actual closet is very impressive. However, Tan is working on building another “full-sized” closet that he claims will expand the entire basement. That’s right, the entire basement is being renovated to be a closet because Mr. France needs more space.

Liv Tyler

Location: NYC

Sorry, but if you’re not familiar with this particularly delightful AD home tour…have you stopped using technology altogether for the past two years? Kidding! But, seriously, this did make the Internet Rounds when it first premiered because, here, the incredible Liv Tyler seems to be sort of parodying herself?


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Anyway, I’m a big fan, and regardless of her humor(?), Tyler’s NYC brownstone is built for comfort and is very unique in that the kitchen is in the basement and it has a landline because she misses landlines. I miss landlines! I’m booking this Airbnb STAT when it’s actually available. Love you, Liv!

Nyjah Huston

Location: Laguna Beach

A skateboarding park in your house is pretty cool. As are incredible views and professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston’s pad has both. Can you imagine taking your family here? I can!


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Well, my family lives out of state and I’m single, but I can imagine going here with my friends or by myself and LOVING IT. There’s a game room, mysterious goats that roam the property(?), and a very sleek kitchen with quartz countertops that’s built to entertain.