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Get the Most Out of the Last Days of Summer With a Rooftop Picnic

PHOTO: Knickerbocker Hotel

Break out the wicker baskets and gingham tablecloths at one of New York City’s 5-star hotels.

At the end of August, summer takes on a certain urgency in New York City. As Labor Day looms, locals and visitors desperately search for ways to enjoy the last rays of sun before dreary winter sets in. During the last days of summer, it’s hot and sunny, but never over 90 degrees and never humid. The sun takes on a certain golden quality, especially in the afternoons–the perfect time to find a comfy chair, a refreshing beverage, some delicious snacks, and an excellent view.

There’s no shortage of outdoor bars serving food in New York City, but one of the best ways to enjoy a summer afternoon is a picnic. And not just any picnic, but a rooftop picnic. We’re not talking about a six pack of beers from a local bodega, either, but a fancy-ass picnic complete with rosé and caviar.

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Knickerbocker Hotel

Where, might you ask, can you find this magical rooftop picnic? You’re not going to believe this, but the answer is Times Square.

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INSIDER TIPSt. Cloud rooftop bar has a perfect view of the New Year’s Eve ball, which you can see year-round.

On the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel, PicKnick at the St. Cloud bar offers the ultimate mini-escape from the swarming crowds. Guests at the St. Cloud rooftop bar can choose from three different picnic themes: American, French, or Mediterranean. The baskets are filled with fancier-than-average goodies: caviar and foie gras in the French basket and taramasalata and seafood salad in the Mediterranean basket.

Knickerbocker Hotel

As far as beverages, you can order from the regular bar menu or indulge in a summer classic with a twist: Wrong Way Rosé. This summer concoction is like sangria’s lush cousin, made with brandy and fresh fruit and an upside-down bottle of rosé to top it all off in a sugary, summery, boozy-beautiful mixture.

The picnic baskets feed 2-4 people and are served in an actual wicker picnic basket lined with a gingham cloth. Each of the items comes beautifully wrapped or packaged in a jar, making this picnic not only delicious but Instagram-worthy.

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Knickerbocker Hotel

PicKnick at the St. Cloud only lasts until Labor Day, so now’s the perfect time to have your own glamorous picnic.

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