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450,000 Honey Bees Just Checked in to a New York City Hotel

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The honeybees will have a new permanent home at the New York Hilton Midtown.

On August 29th, just in time for National Honey Month, a vintage taxi pulled up to the New York Hilton Midtown and unloaded its esteemed guests: 450,000 honeybees. Known as the “Bees on Sixth” these fuzzy little buggers will live on the 5th-floor rooftop of the hotel (which is not open to guests).

 Hilton; Teddy Minford

The bees will live in six beehives, named Ruby, Beatrice, Shelby, Phoebe, Suite B, and Connie (after Hilton found Conrad Hilton). The bees will have an official beekeeper and will roam in a 3-mile radius of the hotel looking for food—although they’ll continue to return home to the Hilton. If you’re worried that these bees might be better off at a farm somewhere in the country, don’t fret. The hotel is just a few blocks from Central Park, meaning they’ll have 843 acres of greenspace in which to feed. In addition, New York is full of non-native plants brought in from warmer climates, meaning that these bees can find something in bloom year-round.

 Teddy Minford
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And how will the bees survive the frigid New York winter? This is where it gets weird. The bees will cluster together in a ball and their buzzing will generate enough heat to keep them warm. The queen bee at the center of the ball will remain at 93 degrees throughout the winter.

The bees will provide the hotel with hundreds of pound of local honey for cocktails, dishes, and signature spa treatments. The best part? Eating local honey can help alleviate seasonal allergies. Another helping of baklava please!

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