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Hotel Trend? Rooms that Spin


As bizarre as it sounds, a hotel room that shifts on an axis makes a lot of sense. When you tire of the view, wait a minute and it changes.

The Design Wine Hotel—a 23-room luxury property in Caminha, a historic port city 60 miles from Porto—introduced five suites at its opening earlier this year that do just that. Designed by Portuguese architect Pedro Guimaraes, these suites are on a platform that rotates independently. No button-pushing or lever-pulling necessary. Over a five-minute-period twice a day, the room revolves 35 degrees. It’s timed such that you might, in the few minutes before falling asleep, gaze out at the mountains but wake up looking at the Minho River.

While the 18th century manor was refurbished for the hotel opening, adjacent to that is a solar-powered steel-construction building reflecting the modern era, and where the revolving suites are. In each of the rooms are artisan-made, edgy touches (like video and street art, and bold graphics), and the hotel’s Whitebox gallery hosts changing art exhibits as well as pool tables. Design Wine Hotel’s restaurant puts a contemporary twist on Portuguese cuisine, and a variety of Portuguese wines are poured in the wine bar (with a strong focus on Vinho Verde, Portugal’s most highly coveted budget wine).

Rates start at 80 Euros per night.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Design Wine Hotel

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