Great Travel Gifts Part III: On the Go Gadgets

Gorillapod.jpgThis holiday season, help out the travelers on your list with some useful electronic devices—and ways to manage them. After all, it’s a known law of travel that neatly packed wires knot themselves into chaos, un-touched, on even the shortest of journeys. From modest ideas to extravagant inspiration, here are some fun tools to simplify tech transport and get the most out of travel adventures.

The Original Gorrilapod, $20
On the Fodor’s Forums, Iowa_Redhead knows the perfect gift for photo-buffs: "I bought myself one of these a few years ago and LOVE it! It’s excellent for night shots, long distance shots, or just anything where I need a bit more stabilization . . . The little legs pull straight very quickly and it fits right into my purse/daybag with no issues.”

Grid-it-organizer.jpgGrid-It! Organizer, $22.00
If you’re tired of having your iPod stashed here, your headphones there, and your camera over there, check out the Grid-It! organizer. Its cross-hatch of elastic straps lets you tuck your techie gear in place any number of ways; there’s even a zippered compartment on the other side to stow still more.

Bose Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones, $299.95
Fodorites agree that a quiet and peaceful flight is worth the splurge: Suze "would love a pair of those really expensive Bose sound cancelling headphones for flights" and ShelliDawn calls them "one of the best purchases I have ever made."

BudTraps.jpgBud Trap Ear Bud Organizer, $5.95
Give the gift of organization (while keeping to your holiday budget) with this tidy solution for tiny headphone. Earbuds simply contain the wires for “one less tangle” and maintains sound quality. Check out the variety of fun colors, including the festive red-and-green set—perfect for the holidays.

Petzl Core Rechargeable Battery
, $39.95

Headlamps aren’t just for outdoor buffs, many adventurous travelers already use one for hands-free ease when finding their way back to a beachside cottage after dinner or simply reading in bed at night. Save approximately 900 AAAs with this lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB cable and fits most Petzl headlamps.

Powermonkey eXplorer-V2 Solar Charger, $99.95
And the best way to charge that headlamp battery—and all your other electronic gizmos and gadgets? Power all your earthly travels with the sun through this compact, portable charger; it also includes adapters for major countries wall outlets.

Explora-Mask.jpgExplorer Series 5.0 Underwater Mask, $99.95
Sure, it looks a little funny, but don’t we all when using hands-free headsets above the water? With the built-in camera in this supped-up underwater mask, snorkelers and divers can swim with the fishies and share them with their friends. Say goodbye to disposable water-proof cameras!

Fodor’s City Apps, $5.99
Did you know that you can gift apps? Instead of buying that un-inspired standbuy—iTunes gift cards—consider giving your friends and family some more personalized digital direction for their next jaunt to New York, London, Paris, Rome, or San Francisco.

Photo Credits: Gorillapod Courtesy Joby; Ear Bud Organizers Courtesy BudTrap; GridIt! Organizer Courtesy Flight 001; Powermonkey Explorer Courtesy Power Traveller; Explora Mask Courtesy Liquid Image.