Orlando: Cypress Gardens “Coaster” Back in Action

Rugrats rejoice! Cypress Gardens, located about 30 miles south of Orlando in Winter Haven, is now home to a special pint-sized amusement area named Bugsville, which opened in May 2007. The buggy-themed play area is focused on toddlers and tots ages two through 7. It has 13 rides, a special theater, and a play area that will give little ones a bug’s-eye-view of the world. In addition, three costumed characters — Buzzby, Lady B, and Whiff — star in a live show called “A Bugsville Adventure” and interact with guests of all ages.

For “big kids,” Cypress Gardens is making coaster news coast to coast with its revamped Starliner Roller Coaster. The Starliner was Florida’s first wooden roller coaster when it was built in 1963 by John Allen, the big daddy of the wooden coaster world. The ride started rolling again on “lucky” Friday, July 13.

Melissa Klurman