From a DC Insider to an Isle of Jersey Outsider: Weekly Roundup

This week we explored the mysterious Isle of Jersey through Victor Hugo’s eyes, we got five solid reasons to visit Baja, we taste-tested the newest James Beard Award winners, and we got the inside track on Washington DC’s food scene. You really can’t afford to miss this stuff.


10 Tech-Savvy Hotel Innovations

From iPad check-ins and remote control of your rooms lighting and temperature to an interactive app from your resort, hotels are jumping on the tech-savvy bandwagon. Here are our favorite innovations.


Beyond Greek Salad: What to Try in Greece

Author and Greek culinary guru Henriette Lazaridis Power peels back the curtain on some of the best Greek dishes and drinks we’ve never heard of. Believe us, it’s high time we got past baklava.


Insider’s Guide to Washington DC

Psst…Want to know where to really find the best eats in (and around) DC? We’ve got the goods for you right here. Chef Kyle Bailey divulges his favorites from morning coffee to late night bites.


Discovering Victor Hugo’s Isle of Jersey

The Isle of Jersey today is a tax haven and vacation spot. But in Victor Hugo’s day, it was a mystical island and was his home after political exile from France. Author M.J. Rose returned to Hugo’s Jersey to research her latest novel. Here she unearths her best finds.


5 New James Beard Award Winners to Try

The James Beard award winners were just announced this week, so the race is on to try and get a table at the medal-bearing restaurants across the country. Start with these five top picks.


5 Reasons to Visit Baja

Go beyond Cabo San Lucas and discover the real Baja in towns like Todos Santos and Pescadero. Think empty beaches, no-name taco stands, stunning hiking trails, and nightly pink sunsets.