Freshen Up Your Airspace with Travel-Friendly Scents

By S.S. Fair

What’s that odd smell on the airplane? Is it a microwaved bird, the plane, or Superman’s knock-out after-shave up ahead? Pure, clean airspace doesn’t come easy at cruising altitude. We’re all at the mercy of whatever odors waft by—savory and otherwise.

Why not take matters into your own nose by carrying some uncommon scents on board to create your own aromatherapy? The trick is to keep your perfume close to the vest—your vest—and not overpower other passengers with a heavy-scented fog. No overripe florals or wickedly spicy aromas allowed.


Easy Breezy Scents

Alvarez Gomez based in Madrid, makes Agua de Colonia Concentrada towelettes ($10 for 10): herbaceous, citrus-y, unisexy wipes designed for one-time use and instant sunshine. Tokyo Milk’s Satsuma and Lotus Sake solid perfumes ($18) are citrus-centric with a soupçon of sugar thrown in. With a solid, you can add a little scent on the sly. Or upgrade to first-class with Acqua Di Parma’s lemony, woodsy Colonia in a teensy spray ($83).

Rock and Roll-ons

Imagine finding an original Stella McCartney for $20. You can get her signature scent—an understated rose and amber blend—for that price, in a skinny travel cylinder. Roll some on your wrist and rock those headphones. Juliette Has a Gun from Paris, offers rechargeable purse-sized, roll-on bullets in deliciously musky, vanilla- and jasmine-laced perfume oils. Swab the brand’s Citizen Queen ($75, with four refills) at frequent intervals and jet lag disappears (well, almost.)

Jetsetting Allure

Perfumes by Kilian have myriad sprays in lipstick-shaped gold or black engraved atomizers ($135 to $235), reeking of savor faire and mystery. Rose Oud is dark, smoky, made for overnight flights of fancy. Diptyque’s traveling sprays are dressed in Bakelite black ($120). Their L’Ombre dans L’Eau guarantees you’ll hit the tarmac smelling of mandarin, blackcurrant, and fresh-cut herbs. Both companies make solid perfumes too, in elegant black compacts that slip easily into pockets and purses.

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto / Clicknique