Food Trucks in Los Angeles: Meals on Wheels


Gourmet food trucks have elevated the dining scene in Los Angeles, taking a once underground world and bringing it into the forefront with a whole lot of culinary panache. You can now enjoy organic hot dogs, gourmet cupcakes, South Indian dosas, and even Korean shortribs at 2 am.

Here are some of the favorites roaming around town. Check online to see where they are when your craving hits:

Kogi BBQ

This Korean BBQ truck helped vault the gourmet food truck trend into a ravenous frenzy. Masses follow their whereabouts via Twitter updates, and then wait in line to try this Korean-fusion culinary fÊte. The company has grown since its arrival and its truck can now be found all over Los Angeles and even Orange County. Stop by one of their street locations in downtown or Silverlake for a taste of Korean short rib taco topped with sesame-seed salsa.

Let’s Be Frank

This San Francisco transplant made its way to Los Angeles and has set up its fire-engine food truck in Culver City and Silverlake. Offering grass-fed and sustainable dogs (pork or beef) that are purchased from small family farmers, Let’s Be Frank has a regular Thursday night gig outside of Silver Lake Wines, where you can enjoy a glass of sparkling Shiraz while eating a beef dog smothered in grilled onions.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

The granddaddy of the cupcake craze has bought itself some wheels and is delivering its bite-size confections to those with an aching sweet tooth all over Los Angeles. Sprinkles cupcakes are beloved in this town and can now be tracked via Twitter. Try the popular chocolate-coconut variety or the classic yellow cake version with gooey chocolate frosting.

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Photo Credit: David Berkowitz/Flickr