Follow Favorite: @WheresAndrew


As National Geographic’s "Digital Nomad," Andrew Evans is perpetually on the road and perpetually on his phone (or various other digital devices). That means his Twitter, @WheresAndrew, is somewhat of a live-stream of his nomadic, fascinating life—you can expect plenty of tweets per day, most of which feature interesting photos or even videos of the people he meets or places he discovers on his travels. The intimate glimpses let you feel like you’re right there with him, as he goes about sneaking into museum attics to find royal panties, inhaling the buttery aroma of Ukranian bread on a long car ride, or hanging out in authentic teepees on a Montana reservation. His travels are wide-ranging and unique, from dinosaur fossil hunting in Alberta to the Icelandic underworld. It’s all in a day’s work for Evans, who has one of the world’s coolest jobs. A word of warning before you inevitably hit "Follow"—this Tweeter might just make you want to quit your day job and finagle a way to steal his.

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