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Follow Favorite: BudgetTraveller

If you dream of covering the same amount of global ground as a backpacker without having to rough it in backpacker lifestyle conditions, follow Kash Bhattacharya’s lead. He’s the "Budget Traveller" himself, having traveled the world on a shoestring for four straight years, all while documenting his adventures on his blog. Sustaining four years of hostel-hopping would wear down even the heartiest travelers—so Kash made a point of finding the most luxurious dwellings for as little cash as possible. The results culminated in the compilation of his guide to luxury hostels of Europe, out this month, and his colorful Instagram feed documenting the memorable moments along the way.


What does a "luxury hostel" entail? Often, it’s quirky décor, plentiful amenities, and a community spirit that rivals many comparably (or higher) priced hotels. And the life of a luxury hostel-hopper? Judging by Kash’s Instagram, it entails funny selfie-videos on carousels in Venice, Nutella brownies at coffeehouses in Madeira, drinking wine in playgrounds on the Adriatic coast, and didgeridoo performances in Berlin. Want in on all of that? Check out the BudgetTraveller Instagram, and definitely hit "Follow" before heading over to the blog for more.

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