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Follow Favorite: Adventurous Kate


The adventurous Kate McCulley is a truly impressive example of someone who turned their passion into their livelihood in the modern world. Combining technology and travel by blogging about her global adventures turned into her full-time job, and her Twitter feed is a constant stream of worldwide dispatches. But what makes "Adventurous Kate" so fun to follow is her insatiable drive to travel the world, despite challenges that come with being a solo female traveler. In fact, her whole mission centers on helping women learn how to travel the world on their own, "easily, safely, and adventurously."

After quitting her desk job at 26, Kate packed her bags to explore Southeast Asia for six months and decided she never wanted to go home. Since then she’s been shipwrecked in Indonesia, gone to a ping pong show in Bangkok, and so much more—and it’s all documented on her blog as well as Twitter , along with tips and advice you could only get from a seasoned traveler.

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