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Fodor’s Most Popular Stories from 2008

Before the end of the year is upon us, we here at Fodor’s would like to take a moment to reflect on our (and your) favorite news posts here in the Travel Wire. Here are the most popular stories from 2008.

1. 10 Tourist Traps We Love

There are many places out there that wear the “Tourist Trap” label, but some of these deserve a second chance. Here are our votes! See the post »

2. Carry-on Bag Buyer’s Guide: Avoid the New Airline Luggage Fees

With all the new fees this year it became important to think intelligently about luggage. You can’t just throw everything in that refrigerator-sized trunk anymore. Here are the best of the best, courtesy of editor Doug Stallings. See the post »

3. All-Inclusives: What’s Included?

A post that garnered interest as much for its zen-like title as for the excellent information enclosed therewith. See the post »

4. The Best of the Cruise Industry

Sometimes you simply need the best. Here are our favorite cruise lines in categories such as Best Service, Best Beds, Best Entertainment, and more. See the post »

5. Top Chef Travels: Anthony Bourdain

He’s as close to a rock-star that a professional chef can get. Here, he reveals his favorite New York City haunts. See the post »

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6. What (Not) to Wear in Europe

Leave those cargo pants at home!! The travelers in our forums weigh in on the practicalities of packing for a European trip. See the post »

7. 14 Hidden Hotel Fees to Avoid

Here are fourteen small ways to cut cost during your next hotel stay. See the post »

8. 5 Airline Fees You Should Know

Knowing how much your plane ticket costs these days is about as simple as reading a Supreme Court brief. Here are 5 likely culprits for those extra charges you might find on your credit card statement. See the post »

9. 12 Travel Mistakes Not to Make

Ever booked a ticket for the wrong airport, but not realized until you landed? The travelers in our forums share this and other funny mixups. See the post »

10. Pickpocket-proof: Money Belts and Their Alternatives

A timeless question: how to protect your cash when on the road in a strange land. Luckily we’ve got answers! See the post »

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