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Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guides


With Thanksgiving now behind us, and Christmas clearly around the bend, it’s time for family celebrations, office parties, and kids’ wish lists to Santa galore. But even with all of that holiday cheer, it’s easy to be overtaken by the stress of finding perfect gifts. Happily, we’ve rounded up a selection of presents for those happy travelers in your life. So go ahead and scroll through our picks to pinpoint that perfect something for everyone on your list. And, hey, why not treat yourself while you’re at it?!

Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100


Check out our Under $100 Gift Guide for a great selection of moderately priced gifts. Whether it’s a colorful Chance Co Turkish Fouta for that gracious hostess or the pocket-size Karma Wi-Fi device for the busy business traveler, these gifts are sure to please, while putting your pocketbook at ease.

Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Under $250


For splurge-worthy suggestions, consult our Under $250 Gift Guide. We’ve pinned down a dozen ideas for those extra-special loved ones that will ensure you’ll be remembered for your excellent taste long after the New Year is ushered in. The traveling bookworm will love the Kindle Paperwhite, with its bright, crisp display, or, daughters and mothers alike can comfortably pound pavement for city sightseeing excursions while sporting their new stylish Tieks Ballet Flats.

Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Kids


Children give us so much spirit and wonder during the holidays, it only makes sense to pay it back, by helping Santa to deliver that present they’ve been eying all year long. With one of the eight gift ideas from our Kids Gift Guide, you’ll help to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity for the world around them, a gift that keeps on giving. Subscribe your favorite tyke to Little Passports and they’ll receive a package each month to help them virtually explore a new country or state, or, prepare little fingers for years of tasty Asian food with the Tofu Chopsticks practice kit.

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Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


Moving on from little recipients to little gifts, don’t forget to choose some top-notch stocking stuffers. The small, but thoughtful gifts in our Stocking Stuffers Guide are sure to inspire bite-size doses of wanderlust. For those always on-the-go, a portable phone battery ensures they’ll always have the boost they need, just in case. Or, try conveniently portable Catbird travel candles to spice up even the drabbest hotel room with tempting scents.

Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Books


Take the world by storm from the comfort of your armchair—consult our Books Gift Guide for just the right read. Cookbooks these days are packed with more than just recipes, like Pok Pok, filled with tasty tales as recounted by restaurateur Andy Ricker from his journeys through Thailand. And beautiful coffee table books, like Art Cities of the Future, will appeal to culture vultures and the design-savvy alike.

So go ahead and get shopping—your gift-giving skills can be the talk of your social circle, thanks to Fodor’s Holiday Gift Guides (but, don’t worry—you don’t need to tell them you had any help!). Happy gifting!

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