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Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Kids


Fodor’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guides help you shop for the loved ones in your life. Check out our other gift guides for presents that will please every traveler on your list. So far we have also revealed top gifts for Under $250, Under $100, Stocking Stuffers, and great Books.

Instill a curiosity about the world we live in and a passion for exploring it in any youngster and you will have given them a true gift indeed. With one of these 8 primed-for-kids products, help prepare any budding traveler for a lifetime of adventure. And keep in mind that while those wee ones may be little, traveling with them in tow is a near-guarantee that they’ll help you to see the world from a fresh perspective.

1. Black + Blum Thermo Pot


Fill ‘er up with chicken noodle soup to warm little bellies on a cool day, or set your little one off with filling fuel like hot oatmeal, no matter their destination. This thermos’s top offers secure fastening for drip-free transport, and the pot comes with a magnetic spoon that clings to the side for safekeeping. So go ahead: Fill the thermos with hot chocolate and send well-equipped little explorers off into any adventure. Buy It: $39.95, Amazon

2. Sifteo Gaming Cubes


Keeping boredom and squabbling at bay during long travel days is at the top of any parent’s agenda while en route to that dream destination. Sifteo’s unique gaming cubes bring family members together and challenge brains with intelligent, hands-on play. Get kids away from the TV with these mind-engaging games like word-finding, pattern-matching, and code-cracking. Buy It: $129.99, Marbles the Brain Store

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3. YOUniverse Do-it-yourself Globe Kits


Let children explore and create their own world with these fun, customizable globe kits. Track vacations and adventures on your globe with photos, stickers, and letters, making a visual reminder of past fun-filled excursions. Any kid will love decorating their own globe and running their fingers over the places they’ve been—and those they’d like to set off to next. Buy It: $24.99, Art on Globes

4. Fjallraven Kanken Mini


Chances are that your kid will need a new backpack eventually, so why not choose one primed for a stylish little adventurer, like this Fjallraven mini? The backpack comes in a very wide spread of colors, to match tots’ tastes. They’re especially great for stuffing with cool travel souvenirs for show-and-tell, or for filling with forest fort-making supplies for that next camping trip. Buy It: $55, Fjallraven

5. Little Passports


Getting mail is always a fun event for kids, and when that mail is an adventure package from Little Passports, the excitement factor can register off the charts. Sign up for the world version to join two characters as they explore a new country each month, or get the USA edition, which has them visit two new states monthly. Kids will open their packages to find goodies, stories, and access to online games. Buy It: $10.95 per month, Little Passports

6. Manner Tofu Chopsticks Practice Kit


Planning a trip to an Asian country? Pick up this kit and enjoy hours of fun chopstick practice, which allows little hands a chance to learn how to maneuver the utensils while picking up faux tofu pieces. Challenge your child to see who can be the chopsticks master and they’ll be ready to eat with ease in no time. Buy It: $35.55, Amazon

7. For Keeps Eco-Friendly Wet Bags


These eco-friendly wet bags hold moisture in and protect other items in a purse or tote from leakage. Great for busy moms, these bags can easily contain cloth diapers, bathing suits, or any other wet messes created by the kids. Choose from a myriad of fun prints and prevent future wet-mess fiascos while on the road. Buy It: $19–$21, For Keeps on Etsy

8. Kidz Gear Wired Headphones


Quiet car rides or plane trips can be achieved with ease, thanks to these custom-designed child-size headphones. The bright color choices are appealing to kids, while the volume limit cable is a plus for parents, who are concerned about protecting their child’s hearing. Buy It: $19.99, Amazon

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