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Fly Happier: Routehappy’s New Flight Comparison Tool


For most passengers there is only one thing to consider when buying a plane ticket: price. But there is more to the travel experience—from seat comfort to in-flight entertainment to airport amenities—which affects the travel experience. Unfortunately there has never been a good way to compare flights on those metrics. That changes today as Routehappy launches their Happiness Score approach to flight search.

The new website changes the way travelers will search for flights, offering not only fares and schedules but also the proprietary ranking system which considers seating, entertainment systems, in-flight connectivity, user commentary, and more. Is it worth paying a few dollars more for a seat with more legroom, for example? Passengers do it all the time after the initial purchase, but what if you could start out buying a ticket which offered that extra space, or a flight with a better selection of movies or better meals? Routehappy exposes that sort of information to passengers, alongside the price and schedule.


"Flight search today is almost entirely about price and schedule. But there’s a wide range of other factors that matter when people buy flights," said Robert Albert, Founder & CEO of Routehappy. "Routehappy’s unique default Happiness sort makes it easy for flyers to see the happiest flight on every route. Consumers want the best bang for their buck: things like new planes, more legroom, wider seats, and better on-board amenities. Routehappy is the only site dedicated to helping you find the happiest flight for the lowest price."

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One of the key factors in the Routehappy scoring system is flight review data from thousands of passengers. The company uses those reviews to help travelers find the flights which offer the best chance of a happy travel experience. The only similar product in the market today is Hipmunk’s Agony ratings. Rather than telling passengers how bad the choices are, however, Routehappy is focused on how good the experience can be. That is a positive sort of view on travel which can make a big difference for travelers overall. After all, who doesn’t want to be a bit happier when flying?

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