The Great American Vacation Photo Credits

1. What do you want to see when you wake up?
(top left), merzzie/Shutterstock
(top center), kojihirano/Shutterstock
(top right), Steve Heap/Shutterstock
(center left), Matt Tilghman/Shutterstock
(center middle), Doug Lemke/Shutterstock
(center right), © Xavier Marchant |
(bottom left), Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock
(bottom center), Visionsi/Shutterstock
(bottom right), andipantz/iStockphoto

2. What do you want to do in the morning?
(top left), luckyraccoon/Shutterstock
(top center), Andrey Bayda/Shutterstock
(top right), Orlando CVB
(center left), Chad McDermott/Shutterstock
(center middle), © Rolf52 |
(center right), Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock
(bottom left), Warren Goldswain/Shutterstock
(bottom center), Getty Images/Brand X/Thinkstock
(bottom right), Diane Uhley/Shutterstock

3. What do you want to do in the afternoon?
(top left), Markus Mainka/Shutterstock
(top center), Cedric Weber/Shutterstock
(top right), Polly Wiedmaier
(center left), maga/Shutterstock
(center middle), pjhpix /
(center right), Ersler Dmitry/Shuttertstock
(bottom left), FikMik/Shutterstock
(bottom center), fotoluminate/Shutterstock
(bottom right), VILevi/Shutterstock

4. What else would you like to do?
(top left), Martina I. Meyer/Shutterstock
(top center), Liem Bahneman/Shutterstock
(top right), Tyler Olson/Shutterstock
(center left), MJTH/Shutterstock
(center middle), douglas knight/Shutterstock
(center right), CAN BALCIOGLU/Shutterstock
(bottom left), Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock
(bottom center), N K/Shutterstock
(bottom right), Lichtmeister/Shutterstock

5. How do you want to spend the evening?
(top left), EpicStockMedia/Shutterstock
(top center), Deklofenak/Shutterstock
(top right), Katrina Leigh/Shutterstock
(center left), Kzenon/Shutterstock
(center middle), C. Uribe
(center right), maga/Shutterstock
(bottom left), Mat Hayward/Shutterstock
(bottom center), © Evan Sung
(bottom right), maggee/Shutterstock

6. Where do you want to stay?
(top left), Preferred Hotel Group
(top center), Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
(top right), NoMad
(center left), Morgans Hotel Group
(center middle), Barbara Kraft
(center right), Dennis A Guyitt/iStockphoto
(bottom left), © Snehitdesign |
(bottom center), Kevin Syms/Little Palm Island Resort and Spa
(bottom right), Leading Hotels of the World