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The Mothers of Fodor’s Travel Editors on Where They Like To Go During the Holidays

Where do my coworkers' moms like to go over the holidays?

Where do the moms of jet-setting travel writers spend their holidays?

I love moms, and most of all I love going home for the holidays and hanging out with my mom, listening to her answers about things and hearing her describe things–especially during the holidays (everything’s more heightened!). And because I am nosy, I also wanted to hear other people’s moms describe things, and I thought, hey, my coworkers are interesting, globetrotting travelers–I wonder what their moms are like? So I emailed the moms of other Fodor’s editors to see what their holidays are like, and also so I could send an email to each of them with the subject line of “Your Mom (Actual Subject)”–and then asked my own mom the same questions, for a very… delightful comparison (and the reason why I love her so much).

Happy Holidays, and here’s how the moms of travel editors (specifically these travel editors) are planning on spending them.

Where is your favorite place to travel for the holidays?

“You know what, it’s California’s Wine Country–wonderful restaurants, exquisite scenery, and fantastic wine. And they have Calistoga hot springs! And Oakville grocery store and Gloria Ferrer! It’s all good.” –Siobhan Sullivan (Staff Writer Chantel Delulio’s mom)

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“My own house.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

Are there any special traditions you associate with this destination?

“During the holidays, we always got up early on Thanksgiving and went downtown to Detroit’s Hudson’s Parade. My brother was in it one year. There is nothing like marching bands, floats, and then Santa. We also always went to Eastern Market for fresh ingredients for baking, pistachios, and poinsettias. Dinner at the Amore da Roma was a must. My great uncle used to drink bootleg whiskey from tea cups there during prohibition. Plus, the veal is to die for. We also go to the Pewabic Pottery Studio–it was founded in 1903 and is still making wonderful tiles and ceramics.” –Chris Gretchko (Fodor’s Photo Editor Allison Gretchko’s Mom)

“No.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

What did you love about this destination and why should people go there?

“People should visit Sun Valley, Idaho, at least once. There are no lift lines, the 3 Mountain Lodges are gorgeous! Including one small one, the Roundhouse with tablecloths, an accordion player walking around in Lederhosen, tasty fondue and a great bar with floor to ceiling glass windows looking down the valley. The skiing is varied–there are runs for every level and 1 mountain just devoted to beginners. The Sun Valley Lodge has an outdoor skating rink open to the public, the local restaurants are all good. The shopping is also great. We have the Galena Lodge located in the Sawtooth Mountains which hosts a monthly Full Moon Dinner. It’s also the center for all the cross country ski trail system.” –Susan Minford (Fodor’s Editor Teddy Minford’s mom)

“We can watch Hallmark movies and I can prepare snacks. And people shouldn’t go here.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

What is your absolute favorite thing to do at this destination?

“I like to have a special Christmas Eve dinner with friends and cocktails at Bemelman’s bar at the Carlyle Hotel. It’s so cozy.” –Barbara Roth (Fodor’s Editor Rachael Roth’s Mom)

“Watch TV.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

How does it compare to where you currently live?

In a lot of ways, California Wine Country is comparable to Myersville, Maryland, as far as a slow pace. Up in the mountains, much like Napa and Sonoma, you have mountains and valleys. You have Napa Valley and you have the lovely Middletown Valley.”–Siobhan Sullivan (Staff Writer Chantel Delulio’s mom)

“It is where I currently live.”–Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

What’s it like traveling for the holidays with your child, the travel editor?

“Traveling with Chantel is always a pleasure. She goes with the flow, I would highly recommend her as a traveling companion.” –Siobhan Sullivan (Staff Writer Chantel Delulio’s mom)

“Do you count going to Walmart and Target? We travel there when you visit.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

Do you read your child’s articles on

“I love to read her articles and am so jealous of the many places she visits and writes about. Whenever I have a trip planned I research on and through their guidebooks.” –Cynthia Navarre ( Managing Editor Rachael Levitt’s mom)

“When you tell me to read them. I don’t know when they’re there if you don’t. Whenever I look at Fodor’s, I get annoyed, because I click on other people and they’re not you?? Maybe you guys can do another section for people’s’ mothers, like for me, to find your writing.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

Do you have a favorite holiday decoration? Where did you get it?

“I do have a Christmas ornament that I cherish.  I bought it at the Christmas Bazaar in Krakow, Poland.  It’s handmade, very big, and very breakable. It has its own specially cushioned storage box.” –Susan Minford (Fodor’s Editor Teddy Minford’s mom)

“I just got it at Target. It’s a llama. I would like to also say I used to have a favorite Santa Claus cookie jar, but I donated it to Saver’s and I don’t know why. It was a Santa head on a  glass thing. But, now I have the llama.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

The llama.

Describe your favorite travel destination in 5 words or less.

“NYC is magical at Christmas.” –Barbara Roth (Fodor’s Editor Rachael Roth’s Mom)

“In 5 words or less? I was going to say I like looking at the Christmas lights on the fence in the backyard because then I can’t see the drones. But the drones haven’t been here since the lights have been up. There’s drones.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

Thank you, Mrs. Farnsworth. That was definitely five words.

“You’re welcome.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

What are your thoughts on Santa Claus?

“I love Santa Claus. In fact, when I was a child and slept in the same bedroom as Aunt Penny, I saw Santa in his sleigh fly by our window. I saw the sleigh and reindeer. I’m not kidding. Aunt Penny believes me.” –Beth Farnsworth (Fodor’s Editor Audrey Farnsworth’s Mom)

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