Family Travel Tip of the Day: Stay at the Theme Park

Opt for an on-site hotel at popular theme parks. Heading to a major theme park this summer? Eric Wechter, a Fodor’s editor and father, recently shared the highlights of his family’s trip to Universal Orlando. He was particularly glad that his family chose to stay on-site; the decision allowed them to relax into the park’s unique pace and mindset.

“All our activities became part of a continuum I call “Universal Time,” the unique rhythms of which are smoothest when you stay in an onsite hotel. This is key. Staying in the park allowed our moments of compression and expansion to flow from one to the next undisturbed—our “Universal Chi” was in perfect harmony! Okay maybe it wasn’t that mystical, but there certainly was an unbroken-spell aura to our vacation—a tinge of “locked all night in the toy store” fantasy. After our breathtaking coaster ride, we segued to a peaceful exploration of the fanciful Seuss Landing, which led to Mythos, a restaurant with way-too-good-to-be-theme-park food. Our days unfolded naturally, at our own pace, sans prosaic interruptions such as traffic, parking, topping off the tank, etc.”

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