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Download Now: Anchornote Will Organize Your Travels


Chances are if you’re reading this, you enjoy being prepared before embarking on a trip. Or maybe you just got lost on the way to, the "Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians."

Either way, here’s an app you should know about.

Launched one week ago, Anchornote for iPhone is a helpful organizational tool for the traveler with too much to remember. The app allows you to create notes (and photos and voice memos) and attach them to specific locations. Using location services, the app tracks you and displays your notes as you arrive at your various destinations. Neat, huh?

The interface is fairly user-friendly. Add a note by naming your destination and either searching for an address, importing from your address book, using your current location, or selecting from a list of nearby places powered by FourSquare. Once you have your place, add notes, photos, and voice memos to the location (i.e. "Fodor’s recommends the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at New York Botanical Gardens. Buy a Combo Ticket!"). The app pushes an alert to you when you arrive, making sure you never miss a tip.

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Also helpful is the list of notes kept by the app, which appear on the home screen in order of distance from you. A map view lets you view your destinations and drop a pin with a note on the fly if you need to. The app also lets you sync your Anchornotes to Evernote and share your notes on Facebook.

One slightly clunky limitation: When entering a note, you need to enter the name of the destination first, before you can access the rest of the functionality (address search, notes, voice memos, etc). This isn’t a big deal, but for people who don’t like being told what to do (read: me), it was a little off-putting.

Bottom line: For those of us heavy on preparation and light on memory, Anchornote is a super useful organizational tool that can help save time and aggravation during travel.

(Available on the App Store, $1.99)

Photos courtesy of Anchornote

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