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Double-Duty Beauty Products for your Carry-On

Stop trying to squeeze your entire vanity into your luggage. Not all of it is going to fit, and you really don’t need everything in there, anyway. (Do you really want to take out that cute pair of shoes to fit more make-up?) To alleviate these vexing problems, we put together our list of indispensable, multi-tasking beauty products to keep your carry-on light and keep you looking fabulous.

Jose Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick


Argan oil, in this handy stick from Josie Maran ($22) has been used as a beautifier and anti-aging potion for centuries. It can be applied on your face as a moisturizer, used as a quenching lip balm, or smoothed over rough cuticles. It can even moisturize split ends and tame fly-aways. Or use it as a spot treatment anywhere on the body you need some moisture. Another trick: use it to help calm and heal sunburned skin. Plus, in stick form argan oil is at its most convenient.

Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Towelettes


Leave your makeup remover and cotton balls at home. These TSA-friendly Yes to Blueberries towelettes ($2.99) slip easily into a purse or carry-on and make easy work of cleaning up makeup meltdowns on the go. Swipe over your face to remove makeup and cleanse your skin. They even moisturize and contain lemon peel and apple to help brighten your complexion. They also make the perfect mid-day refresher when you’re feeling the heat of sightseeing (or have just hit the gym). Ultimately, we love using them when we’re too jet lagged to wash makeup off before bed.

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Stainiac by theBalm in Beauty Queen


Lipsticks can melt and glosses can be sticky. But this stay-all-day stain from theBalm ($17) swipes over lips for a universally flattering wash of berry pink color and layer to build intensity. You can also dot it along cheekbones and blend in a circular motion for a hint of blush, without worrying about it drying out your skin.

Melvita’s Floral Water in Rose


You already know the importance of staying hydrated while traveling, but sometimes drinking water isn’t enough. Mist your face with Melvita’s Floral Water ($22) for all-over hydration or use as a toner to help balance your skin. The light rose scent also doubles as a perfume—spritz some on your wrists, the ends of hair, or even use to brighten up stale hotel room air.

Dr. Jart + Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45


BB creams are a newcomer to the scene and are being hailed as the Swiss army knife of beauty products. Dr. Jart’s Beauty Balm ($39) formula fits that description—it works as a moisturizer, primer, light foundation, sunscreen, and treatment serum. Work a pea-sized amount all over your face to neutralize uneven color and give your face a your-skin-but-better look. It also helps to brighten your complexion and has anti-aging properties. Plus, the built-in SPF is perfect for roaming city streets or hitting the beach, and it comes in an easy universal shade that works for most skin tones.

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion


Hand sanitizer is a necessity for any trip. It cleans hands and helps to keep you healthy, so you don’t spend your vacation in bed with the flu. But there’s a price to pay—namely, moisture. Bath and Body Works’ Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion ($4) solves the problem, hydrating as it kills germs. And, besides being packed with Vitamins B5 and E, it also ditches the alcohol smell that is synonymous with many sanitizers in favor of fresh scents, like lemon and nectarine mint.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap


The label on Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap ($2.99) boasts 18 different uses, from fruit wash to toothpaste. While we’re a little hesitant to use it to clean our teeth, it does lather well, making it a great body wash and shampoo. It also works wonders for a close, sting-free shave when applied directly to damp skin like a shaving cream. For longer trips, use it as a laundry detergent by adding a few drops to a sink full of water before hand washing clothes. It’s certified organic and contains peppermint essential oils that tingle on the skin, so it will help wake you up no matter what time zone you’re in.

Photo Credits: Oil Moisturizing Stick: Josie Maran Cosmetics; Cleansing Towelettes: Yes To; Stainiac:; Floral Water: Melvita; Beauty Balm: Sephora USA; Hand Lotion: Bath & Body Works Direct, Inc.; Liquid Soap: Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One!

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