Don’t just get your fruit fix through tropical drinks this spring break, here are some must-try fruits from the Caribbean.

Tantalizing tropical fruit to try: With its rich, refreshing milk, coconut frequently appears in soups, stews, sauces, and drinks to help temper hot, spicy flavors with its rich, refreshing milk. The bright orange tropical fruit guava tastes somewhat like a tomato when it’s not fully ripe, but is pleasantly sweet when mature. It is used in compotes, pastes, and jellies. The pungent smell of jackfruit may be off-putting for some, but its sweet fleshy meat is popular in milkshakes. Papaya is sweet and floral when ripe; unripe, it can be shredded and mixed with spices and citrus for a refreshing salad. It is often used in fruit salsas that are served with seafood. The brightly flavored passion fruit is commonly puréed and used in sauces, drinks, and desserts.