Delta, Lufthansa Raise Fares in Response to New E.U. Emissions Law


Fares to Europe are likely to increase in 2012, as airlines look for ways to offset costs imposed by a new law that took effect on January 1.

Delta Airlines was the first carrier to respond to the European Union greenhouse gas emissions law, with a $3 surcharge each way on fares. Lufthansa posted a statement on its web site alerting customers that ticket prices would go up, but didn’t state by how much.

It’s still unclear if other airlines will follow suit, but as U.S. carriers will be spending more than $3 billion in the next decade to comply with the law, according to the industry association Airlines for America, it’s inevitable that these costs will be passed on to consumers. [USA Today]

UPDATE: January 6, 2012

It’s official: United, US Airways, and Continental will also be adding a $3 surcharge (each-way) to their Europe fares, for a $6 increase in round-trip ticket price. [USA Today]

We want to know: Will steeper fares affect your plans for a European vacation? Add your comments below.

Photo credit: courtesy DearEdward / flickr