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D Pet Hotels Offer Ultimate Puppy Luxury


Last month, a luxury hotel expanded from its original location in Hollywood to a new site in Scottsdale, AZ, and will soon be establishing a third location in New York City‘s Chelsea neighborhood. Guests in all three cities will be treated to upscale services, like chauffeur pickups in Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys, vitamin baths and high-end grooming services in the spa, personal trainers, flat screen TVs in the guestrooms, and, we presume, the finest of chew toys.

Yes, the aforementioned guests are of the canine persuasion. D Pet Hotels is a dog-only hotel, and it isn’t the only one. Hotels like this one are opening around the world, catering only to pets and providing various levels of luxury amenities. In some cases, like D Pet Hotels, man’s best friend is getting treated to perks man can only dream of.

Boarding options for the Distinguished/Dog (yes, that’s how they put it) at D Pet Hotels begin with small suites that include a bed, bowl, and flat-screen TV (albeit a small one). From there, rooms expand to include twin or full-sized beds and DVD players. Three indoor parks totaling 6,000 square feet give your pup space to stretch out and socialize with friends of a similar nature and size (personality evaluations are standard to keep dogs of a feather playing together). To set the mood, "downtempo/chill" music is piped throughout the entire facility. Personal training and dog treadmills (once again…yep) are available for, how do we say this delicately, the husky Husky.

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Of course, no luxury hotel is complete without a spa. At D Pet Hotels, the menu of services is extensive. Grooming sessions include hair cut, blow dry, and coloring, for dogs whose roots are showing. Baths and vitamin soaks, teeth cleaning sans anesthesia, "pawdicures," and detoxifying thermal wraps are also available (for the over-indulgent pup). An on-site boutique offers the latest in high-end accessories.

And then, of course, there’s the chauffeur service. The hotel will pick your dog up and transport them back to the boarding facilities. If you want to up the ante, though, you can choose from an array of super cars to ferry your loved one around in style – everything from a Ferrari 458 to a Rolls Royce. What more could the discerning pooch desire?

All kidding aside (and before I’m blacklisted from my local pet store), I love dogs. I stop to pet them on the sidewalk and give them little scratches behind the ears; I squeal about their cute faces at the local dog park. And I think they should have the very best in everything at all times. (Ok, neck saved.)

Tell us—would you send your pup on a five-star holiday while you jetset?

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