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How to Be the Perfect Cruise Passenger


Most passengers want to have a satisfying vacation—to explore new places, relax, spend time with family and friends, and have some carefree fun. Unfortunately, some people can get carried away with the carefree part and forget to pack the good manners practiced every day at home…

Adhere to the dress code. The ship’s daily program will indicate the appropriate attire for every evening of the cruise, generally beginning at 6 pm. It’s inconsiderate to ignore the guidelines and do as you please.

Do not hog the lounge chairs. Every morning an invisible cadre of passengers piles towels and personal belongings on chaise lounges by the pool to save them for later. This is extremely selfish behavior.

Do not save seats. Do save a seat for your spouse or traveling companion, but do not try to save entire rows of seats in the show lounge or complete tables in the casual dining area.

Control your children. For their safety—and the safety of others—children shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely around the ship, run around the swimming pool, splash water on other passengers, cavort in the hot tubs, or play in the elevators. Do not allow your children to intrude in adults-only spaces. Some parents are in total denial when it comes to the unruly actions of their children (the disruptive kids can’t be theirs).

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Be a considerate smoker. Those who smoke should light up their cigarettes, cigars, and pipes only in areas clearly approved for that purpose.

Do not jog before daybreak. It should be obvious that if there are cabins located below the deck where jogging is permitted, then passengers are probably still asleep in them. Run only during the hours indicated in the daily program.

Be mindful of others in the spa and gym. Wear appropriate workout attire and wipe down the equipment when you are finished using it. Take your turn in a reasonable amount of time.

Turn down the sound. Portable electronics are wonderful gadgets, but not everyone has the same musical taste as you. In public areas, music players should be used with headphones. When using two-way radios and cell phones, it’s seldom necessary to shout.

Await your turn. Events and activities are scheduled in a certain way for a purpose, including the orderly filling of shore tenders and the disembarkation procedure at the end of the cruise. Do not be in such a hurry that you compromise safety.

Do not complain while you wait. No one cares to listen to grumbling and whining. It’s a vacation, so lighten up and go with the flow.

Listen and follow instructions. This is never more important than during the muster drill! Listening can ensure your safety in case of an emergency.

Don’t forget that the three Cs at sea—Consideration, Courtesy, and Civility—are your guideposts. And don’t forget to bring along a pleasant attitude, your sunniest smile, and good manners.

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