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The Weirdest, Most Relatable, and Most Glamorous Ways Celebrities Are Coping With Quarantine

“I am *not* ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

Celebrities are kind-of-always-not-really-but-at-this-point-basically-just-like-us because they’re continuing to take precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Being cooped up is still hard, and here are some recent peculiar but mostly inspirational posts from some of the biggest stars on the planet to remind us of that.

Julianne Moore’s Inexplicably Relatable Yardwork Routine

Julianne Moore needs to vacuum inside and outside in a “weird sweater.” Hey, we’re all getting around to those household projects we’ve been putting off and setting new records for how long we can stay in our pajamas. And who among us doesn’t need to catch up on, uh, vacuuming our backyards?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Prove You Can Get Your Exercise in Even Though the Gym Is Closed

I have nothing but compassion and extreme admiration for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (my parents), who love to ride responsibly (with masks on) in the time of COVID-19.

Is This Dr. Phil’s Audition for the Knives Out Sequel? And Other Questions

I have seen it and I just want to make sure you have, too: this photo of Dr. Phil and his wife and a knife (which was actually posted not-so-recently but it’s still relevant and I haven’t stopped thinking about it). What does this mean? Why does slicing up vegetables for a crudités warrant an apron? Why does his menacing gaze follow me no matter where I am in the room?

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You Can’t Quarantine Glamour

The very glamorous Tracy Ellis Ross means a lot to me and hang this in the Louvre! We may not have been able to see her dazzle at the Met Gala (hopefully next year!), so this is a ray of light in a dark time.

Breaking News: Precautionary Icon Naomi Campbell Continues to Take Precautions, Be Iconic

Some called Naomi Campbell’s pre-coronavirus airplane routine over-the-top. Now we’ll all be following her lead on our next flight. Always the visionary, Campbell has upped her game, going from face mask and disinfectant wipes to face shield and hazmat suit.

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On the move…

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A Very Important Update on Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck

In case you missed it, couple Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck have responsibly locked themselves out of their house and also house hunted (which we can see courtesy of a now rightfully viral account) since quarantine began.

Famous or not, quarantine life is making everyone a little stir-crazy.