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Churchill Downs to Build Exclusive "Mansion"


We’re not scandalized by much, but if there has been one thing that’s had us clutching our pearls around the water cooler, it’s been the decline in the exclusivity at Kentucky’s Churchill Downs. Well, they’re finally doing something about it.

Churchill Downs has announced construction of the ‘Mansion’, a luxurious and ultra-exclusive gathering space for Derby patrons located on the sixth floor of the Clubhouse. The Mansion should be ready just in time for the 2013 Derby and Oaks.

Guests at the Mansion (can’t help but chuckle a little at the name) will no longer have to rub elbows with general public, but will instead ride a private elevator to their cocoon (er, Mansion). Once there, they’ll enjoy views of the iconic Twin Spires on the covered terrace. Inside, guests will find a dining room, living room, library, parlor (yes, they still make those), and a veranda as well as a foyer and bar. The Mansion can fit 320 of society’s finest. Access to a private wine cellar and concierge service are included of course.

The Mansion is one of four projects the Downs has in the works; a new Media Center, located next to the Paddock and comprised of media work stations, big screen TVs, and conference areas, will be available to journalists for the October Fall Meet. Food and bar facilities will be available, too.

In addition, the Paddock Pavilion will be razed to the ground to open up space for Derby Patrons, and a new Gold Room for Churchill Downs VIPs has been installed on the second floor of the Clubhouse with greater seating capacity. It will open in August. All told, the four renovations total $9 million in investment for the Downs.

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Eager patrons enticed by the Mansion take note: sitting in there for the Derby and the Oaks is by invitation only. According to the Downs, potential patrons are being contacted as we speak. We eagerly await their call.

Photo credit: Churchill Downs via Shutterstock

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