Is Seatmate Selection the Next Trend in Air Travel?


The days of dealing with that annoying passenger seated beside you may soon be over, as two major airlines are offering customers the chance to choose seatmates in advance.

Travelers on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will soon be able to use their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to find passengers with similar interests—as long as there’s mutual consent in viewing personal information. The service is expected to become available on KLM’s Facebook page in early 2012, but there’s been no word on whether there will be a fee.

Earlier this year, Malaysia Airlines took the link between social media and seat selection one step further. In March, the carrier introduced MHbuddy, which allows passengers to book tickets through the airline’s Facebook page and find the ideal seatmate during check-in.

Flyers on Malaysian are able to see where friends on the same flight are sitting because seat selections can be made public. The service also includes the option to share trip itineraries and final destinations. [CNN]

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Photo credit: sjlocke / iStockphoto