Rome: A Modern Home for Antiquities

Centrale Montemartini was the first power station in Rome when it opened in 1912. Today it serves as headquarters for the Museo del Centrale Montemartini, a vast collection of antiquities that includes, among many other things, a terracotta Athena; the famous togato Barberini (a Republic-age senator in toga); ruins of the Temple of Apollo; and a Venus seated on a horse. Centrale Montemartini often hosts contemporary shows alongside its permanent collection. The austere industrial setting provides a unique contrast with objects of antiquity. Tickets are €4.5 or €8.5 for admission to both Centrale Montemartini and Capitoline Museums. Centrale Montemartini is at via Ostiense 106, on the B Line subway, the Garbatella stop.

Erica Firpo