Buenos Aires: Know how to take the colectivo

These city buses, or "collectives," were taxi drivers’ answer to the difficulties of the Great Depression, and behave much like a regular bus line today. They’re also a strong symbol of civic pride and a great way to explore the city. Consult a Guia T, found at most larger kiosks for about 3 pesos, to figure out which line you need and which street you should walk on to find a parade, or stop. When you see your bus coming, hail it like a cab, wait for it to come to a rolling halt (at best), and say "ochenta, por favor" to the driver before plunking your 80 centavos (change given, but only coins accepted) into the ticket machine. As you ride, pay attention to where you are, as stops aren’t routinely announced. Push a stop request button when you see your destination coming up. Retain your ticket, as police occasionally board to check and administer fines.