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British Designer Invents Shoes with Built-in GPS (VIDEO)


We all know there’s no place like home. So knowing how to get home is pretty important. British designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox has invented a shoe as part of the Design Factory’s Global Footprint that makes getting home, or to a restaurant, hotel, or museum as easy as clicking your heels. (After you sync them up, of course.)

Wilcox said he was inspired by the red heels Dorothy wears in the Wizard of Oz, which could bring her home with merely a click of the heels. His shoes, called "Guide Me Home" are men’s brogues in dark leather with red trim and laces. And they house some pretty cool technology.

Plot your destination in custom mapping software, and then connect the left shoe, which houses the GPS, to your computer via USB hookup. Click your heels, and the GPS is activated. The left shoe has a circle of LED lights on the toe, which flash in the direction you’re supposed to walk. Then, Wilcox installed a straight line of LED lights on the right shoe, the last of which flashes green when you’ve made it to your destination. The USB hookup also charges your shoe. Yes, that’s right. Charges. Your shoe.

While it’s unclear whether this shoe will ever actually go into production, we’re wondering whether staring at your feet will result in fewer embarrassing collisions than staring at the map on your smartphone. But it does keep your hands free. Kind of makes you wish for something simpler, like maybe a yellow brick road.

No Place Like Home from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.

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